A new intro talk about the healing modality called The Journey coming up in Chelsea QC ! Friday September 14th between 6:30 and 8pm. More info:  http://www.thejourneyna.com

Dear You,

The most effective and life shifting emotional work ‘out there’!

The Journey is a way of working with the inner body wisdom. Your very own body wisdom speaks and tells You what it needs in a simple, yet profound process developed by Brandon Bays.

The healthy reaction to all emotions is to let them come, welcome them fully, and let them pass. So many times, we do not allow that to happen and we swallow or even deny them.  That is where they get stored in the body, on a cellular level. This is how deep the healing takes place when we access this with a Journey process.

A Journey process is such a rewarding time you can give your self.

Issues from all area’s in your life can be addressed. Blocks occurring physically, emotionally or spiritually can be released. And with that, your very true essence shines, over flows. This feels amazing, you look amazing. Open up to who you really are.

It is an honor to support You, in accessing and freeing your infinite potential,


LOCATION WAKEFIELD QC  Call for an appointment: 819 459 2383.


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